Broor is a cozy little corner bar and kitchen, right besides downtown Tampere. Perfectly in the corner, before all the hustle and bustle of the main streets.  Urban citizens, passer-by travellers and international visitors – we wish you welcome. We want to encourage people to get together. So let´s leave the hurry and cell phones at the door and rather look each other in the eyes.


Broor –
Let’s get together


Would you join me for a glass? As in friendships, quantity does not beat quality in drinks. We have picked some wonderful, alternating wines from different countries. Take an adventure around Europe with our natural wines or get acquainted with some really interesting flavours from further away. We encourage you to take a leap to the unfamiliar. And in case wine isn´t your cup of tea, come enjoy a nice cocktail, mocktail, beer, cider or simply a cup of coffee with us.


With us you get to taste quality bistro foods.  One works as an appetizer; two makes a whole dish. Nothing too fancy and yet surprising, fun, creative and beautiful.  We create our menu by keeping in mind also special diets like all you veggies out there.


  • Bread & Spread 3,00€
  • Olives 3,00€
  • Korean Chili Nuts 3,00€
  • Soy Egg & Kimchi 8,00€
  • Jerusalem Artichoke & Citrus 8,00€
  • Cauliflower, Pistachio & Mint 9,00€
  • Broor’s “Sandwich Cake” 9,00€
  • Duck Pastrami 10,00€
  • Pike Perch, Vermouth & Kohlrabi 10,00€
  • Spring Tartare 10,00€
  • Cheese & Jam 8,00€
  • Blood Orange Tiramisu 8,00€

*Menu may vary

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Hatanpään valtatie 12
010 583 8950
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